Victron SmartSolar 100V / 15A MPPT solcelle controller med Bluetooth

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Robust and fast MPPT regulator for demanding conditions with panel voltage up to 100V, maximum charging current 15 A. Battery 12 / 24V, PV max 220 / 440Wp. Full warranty 5 years. Integrated bluetooth.

As proof of the high quality of all MPPT controllers, Victron Energy provides an extended full 5-year warranty.

Victron Energy MPPT solar controllers are among the absolute world leaders in this field. It offers ultra-fast MPPT monitoring, which ensures the maximum possible solar gains. Especially in cloudy weather with frequent changes in exposure intensity, solar gains are 30% higher compared to conventional PWM controllers or 10% higher compared to slower MPPT controllers.

The maximum power of solar panels is 220 Wp for 12 V systems and 440 Wp for 24 V systems. If these values ​​are exceeded, the controller will not be damaged, but will only automatically reduce the incoming power from the panels to acceptable values. The solar controller is factory preset and there is usually no need to make major adjustments to the settings.

The maximum no-load voltage (referred to as Voc) of the connected solar panels must not exceed 100V (attention: the voltage of the solar panels increases with decreasing outdoor temperature). The maximum input short-circuit current of the PV modules must not exceed 15A, otherwise permanent damage may occur.

Check the correct choice of your BlueSolar / SmartSolar controller according to the parameters of the photovoltaic field in our configurator here.

The new range of SmartSolar MPPT controllers offers built-in Bluetooth
This new feature brings the ability to connect your "smart" phone / tablet to your "smart" solar controller.
You can monitor many system parameters and historical statistics for the last 30 days. You also have the option of setting operating parameters.

You can also download the VictronConnect app for free on Google Play or in the App Store.

If you want to do the above using a PC, then you have the option to use a to USB cable to connect the controller and PC. You will only install the Victron Connect program on your computer, which you can download for free again at the same address here.

Internal electronic components are protected by a resin coating against adverse effects and for long life. It thus offers increased IP43 protection for electronic components and IP22 for connection connectors. Designed for vertical positioning on a non-flammable surface, with wiring from below.

The controller contains an internal temperature sensor for appropriate adjustment of the charging voltage. Automatic detection of 12 or 24 V system voltage.

Adaptive three-stage charging:
1. Bulk, 2. Absorption and 3. Float. Initially, fast charging generates high current and lower voltage to quickly charge a discharged battery. This phase is followed by a constant voltage with decreasing current to fully charge the battery without dangerous overcharging, reducing battery life. A charged battery is kept charged with very low current and low voltage. If the battery voltage drops below 13.2 V, for example due to a load, a new charging cycle is started.

The voltage from the panels must exceed the battery voltage by 5 V for the controller to start working and charge the battery. The controller charges until the voltage from the panels is 1 V higher than the battery voltage. For a 12 V battery, we recommend panels with a minimum number of 32 cells and a maximum number of 108 cells (panels in series). It is therefore possible to charge a 12 V battery as well as panels with a working voltage of 24 V. For 24 V systems, we recommend panels with a minimum number of 72 cells and a maximum number of 108 cells. The purpose is to achieve sufficient voltage for efficient and full battery charging.

The solar controller has a DC output for powering the DC load. The DC output voltage is equal to the battery voltage. So if you have, for example, a 12V battery - we can supply a 12V load on the DC output.

BatteryLife Algorithm - Adaptive charging to extend battery life. The controller constantly monitors the battery charge level and gradually increases the voltage level day by day, at which the load is disconnected until the absorption voltage is reached (battery fully charged). This is followed by a drop in the voltage level at which the load is disconnected. In this way, the battery can be fully charged approximately once a week, even with reduced solar gains and higher loads, which will have a positive effect on the battery life. This is an optional feature.

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