PrimaABS Filament - 1,75mm 1kg - Blå

PrimaABS Filament - 1,75mm 1kg - Blå

PrimaABS Filament - 1,75mm 1kg - Blå

Kvalitets filament fra Prima Filaments. Nem at printe med, og i flotte farver
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Her får du en god ABS filament, fra svenske Prima Filaments. I pakken får du et kg filament, på en spole der passer i langt de fleste printere (bl.a Wanhao og Dreammaker).

When Quality Counts!
You should choose PrimaABS™

1 kg of premium quality ABS 3D-Print material for your 1.75 mm 3D-Printer.

PrimaABS™ is proven and very popular with many benefits:
    - High impact resistance
    - Good interlayer adhesion
    - Excellent toughness

Vivid colors
• PrimaABS™ comes in many different colors
• Guaranteed to look the same every time you order
• Vibrant colors
• Available in luminous colors

High quality
• Only high quality materials are used to produce PrimaABS™ 
• Perfect roundness and very tight diamater tolerance
• Strict quality control and extensive testing

• ABS from 3D Prima is compatible with nearly all 3D printers on the market today
• Practical clear spool so you easily see how much is left
• Big spool diameter for smoother unwinding
• Heated build platform is recommended

• Higher quality results in less waste
• Large production volumes gives you a lower price
• No excessive heat results in lower print costs
• Full 1 kg, approximately 405 metres of filament on each spool

Ease of use
• Use raft for best results
• PrimaABS™ has very smooth flow characteristics
• High print temperature makes for easy handling
• ABS from 3D Prima is compatible with nearly all 3D printers on the market today

• Smooth flow
• High strength
• Good interlayer adhesion
• Excellent toughness

• 1 kg of filament on a spool total weight around 1,40 kg
• Packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag with silica gel

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a commonly used material in desktop 3D printing and very easy to work with. Useful for making durable parts that need to withstand higher temperatures and different chemicals. In comparison to PrimaPLA™, PrimaABS™ is less ‘brittle.’ It can also be post-processed to achieve a nice and glossy finish. When 3D printing with PrimaABS™ a heated build plate is recommended as PrimaABS will contract when cooled. PrimaABS™ is available in both 1.75 mm and 3 mm and comes in a wide range of colors, both standard and luminous for nice effects.

So, when quality counts – choose PrimaABS™ from 3D Prima.

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