Product parameters and functions: 

- tests Ethernet cables and telephone lines
- equipped with RJ45 interface for Ethernet cable and RJ11 interface for telephone line testing
- Ethernet cables: Shielded/Unshielded test
- visible LED indication
- automatically check circuit breakage, short circuit and cross circuit
- can toggle between fast and slow speed test modes
- single key operation
- manual/auto power off (after 10-minute inactivity)
- low battery indication
- power supplied by 9V layer-built battery

Technical parameters: 

- tests RJ45, RJ11, BNC - need to use RJ45 to BNC adaptor
- fast speed test mode: LED1-LED8, LED_G
- slow speed test mode: LED1-LED8, LED_G
- power supply: 9V battery
- storage temperature: -10 až 50 ˚C
- working temperature: 0-40 ˚C
- working humidity: 20-80% RH
- storage humidity: 10-90% RH

Mere information
Brand UNI-T
Producent varenummer UT681C
Vægt (kg) 0.224000
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Du anmelder:Kabel tester UNI-T UT681C - RJ45, RJ11, BNC
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